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Our mission is to provide our students with the very best foundation in skills, training, and content knowledge so they are prepared to enter the workforce, college, or military with the training and motivation to build upon those skills and adapt to an ever-changing society while becoming productive and successfully employed adults.


Our vision is to support our students’ learning by offering the best training and learning experience using state of the art equipment and facilities that replicate real-world environments, and support their professional and leadership growth by helping them make connections with industry partners that will help them grow as learners, workers, and leaders and ultimately allow them to follow a compatible career path.

Honors Courses – 39+ Offerings – 1200 Students Enrolled

AP Courses – 16 AP Offerings – 262 Students Enrolled

EEP Courses – 8 Early Enrollment Placement – 141 Students Enrolled

81 Seniors Completed Internships in Career Fields

80% of Seniors earned at least 1 credential 

27 Students Received 1st Bi Literacy Seal Offered by RIDE

80% of students went on to college

16% of students went into the workforce

4% of students went into the military

Ranked 14th among Rhode Island schools by RI Monthly

CTA Scholarships Given to Seniors = $891,000

School Profile

Approximately 1500 students

Division 1 Sports:  Boys and Girls Volleyball, Track and Field, Baseball, Girls Softball, Girls Soccer

Division II Sports: Boys and Girls Basketball, Football, Hockey, Boys Soccer

Outdoor sports complex

20+ extracurricular clubs

All courses are designed to prepare students for the demands and rigor of all post-secondary options, including college, the military, and the world of work. CHS offers the following academic levels:

  • Advanced Placement
  • Honors
  • College Prep
  • College Prep with Extra Supports

We Welcome All Students to the Career Center

At the Regional Career and Technical Center, we offer a comprehensive educational experience that encompasses the whole child. We strive to provide our students with the very best foundation in academic and work-based skills while supporting them socially and emotionally so they are prepared for whatever path they choose post-high school; workforce, college, or military.  Along with our 14 career programs, the high school offers concurrent college enrollment in Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, US History, and English, Spanish, Italian, College Writing, Music Appreciation, and Foundation in Education.  Our sports program includes both Division 1 and 2 in Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Boys and Girls Track and Field, Girls Soccer, Girls Softball, Boys Wrestling, Golf, Baseball, and Gymnastics along with over 20 extracurricular clubs and activities including Mock Trial, Radio Club, Envirothon, SkillsUSA, Project Unify and many more.  

One of the awesome things about our CTE programs is that they are taught by experts from the field. Additionally, our labs and equipment undergo continuous improvement based on recommendations from our industry advisors.   Another thing that makes us special is that we provide our students with learning experiences both on and off-campus and all of our students participate in work-based learning to further solidify concepts and skills which ultimately helps them to make informed decisions about their post-secondary goals.

Students enrolled in a CTE program of study elect to concentrate in a specific career path over three or four years as they proceed with academic coursework required for graduation.   A student who chooses and successfully completes a career course of study will not only earn a high school diploma, but also a career center competency certificate, and credentials that are aligned to industry expectations.  We have programs of study that offer college credit, scholarship credit, advanced standing in post-secondary institutions, and/or advanced entry in employment.

One of the favorite events of the year for our students is Spirit Week.  Students report it to be the “highlight of the year” and “one of the best weeks” ever.  In March, students from each class come together in a show of solidarity in a demonstration of camaraderie and friendly competition to earn bragging rights for the most spirited class.  They celebrate with color wars, crazy hats, costumes, formal wear; they compete in table tennis, human trouble, talent competitions, dance-offs, and the culminating event of “Anything Goes”.  It is truly a time for our students to show off their Oaker Pride.

If you are interested in learning more about the Regional Career and Technical Center and how you can build your resume for college or employment, please feel free to call or email me.  When a parent asks me why they should consider a career and technical education for their child, my response is simple, “Why not?”  I feel so strongly about a career and technical education that my own twin sons graduated from here with three college credits in English Literature from Rhode Island College, a Print Ed certificate in Graphics Communications, a Regional Career and Technical Center Competency Certificate and a Coventry High School diploma.  What better way to earn more from your high school education than with stackable credentials and graduating truly “College and Career Ready”.


Lori A. Ferguson