Instructor: Earl Read III

Contact: / 401-822-9499 ext. 287

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program is an exciting career pathway for students who want to explore careers in law, law enforcement, security, government agency and even forensics sciences.
The first year of this course provides an overview of the criminal justice system.   Students will participate in collaborative exercises as they learn the history of the criminal justice system and explore the three major components; Law Enforcement, the Courts, and Corrections.  In year 2, students become immersed in the Crime Scene Lab and outside of the classroom where they learn to examine a crime scene, then carefully review and process the scene, collect and record evidence, then analyze it.   Concurrently, students will become forensic scientists in Forensics 1 and 2 as they form hypotheses and use scientific techniques to investigate and establish the facts of a crime.  Criminal Justice 3 examines Law and Society as students delve into the criminal mind to explore the psychology of the criminal and learn about criminal profiling.  At some point during the program students will complete a research paper and present it to a group of Roger Williams University faculty.  This culminating research paper can earn a student up to 6 college credits.   Students may also participate in an internship component (must be recommended).
This program of study falls under the Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security career cluster and includes such as careers as law enforcement, public security, protective services and homeland security, emergency management and response coordinator or manager, national security program specialist, firefighter, emergency medical technician and many others.  For a comprehensive list, visit Advance CTE.
Students can earn the following credentials
  • 6 college credits for Criminal Justice from Roger Williams University
  • 4 college credits in Forensic Science from Roger Williams University
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