Instructor: Kyle Kettelle

Contact: 401-822-9499 ext. 287

Computer IT and Game Design

The IT program is comprised of two pathways;  The programming or game design element of the pathway uses the Java Script as its language base.  Students design both animations and interactive programs by using 3-D and 2-D characters using drag-and-drop commands to make them interact.  Students learn to work individually and collaboratively in design teams on project based learning experiences.  The AP Computer Science course completes the programming element with a challenging curriculum.   Networking is the other component of the program which will teach students to install, operate, and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network including basic network security through courses in Cisco, CompTIA, URI Fundamentals of Cyber Security and Principles of Digital Forensics.  Whether students take a combination of courses from both of pathways or concentrate in one area, they will learn the skills required for entry-level positions which is the starting point for many successful careers in networking and cyber security.  using the Cisco certified curriculum.

Some examples of careers from this program of study are:  Programming/Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Computer Engineer, Data Modeler, Design Engineer, Technician, User Support Specialist, Telecommunications Network Technician, Cyber Security, Security Analyst, PC Support Specialist.

Students can earn the following credentials:

  • CompTIA certification
  • Computer Science AP credit
  • 4 URI College Credits in Fundamentals of Cyber-Security
  • National Occupational Competency Testing Institute:
    • Computer Technology Certification

Suggested Elective Courses: Engineering Design, Robotics, Statistics AP

For a more comprehensive list of careers go to: